Assemble for Wales

To decide on the best way forward, the Trustees asked a children’s rights expert to find out what the best youth parliament models are in the UK, Europe and in the rest of the world.

The Trustees then examined all of the information contained in the report and had a series of meetings to consider the key findings and to collectively agree on a proposal for a new model for a Youth Assembly for Wales. This consultation is about sharing with you what we have learned from this study and to ask you for your advice and comments on our proposed new model for a new Youth Assembly for Wales.

Scoping Report

  • Report commissioned to identify good practice models for a new Youth Assembly for Wales.
  • English: Read Here
  • Welsh: Read Here

Consultation Document 

Assembly for Wales Report

  • Report on our findings from our public consultation in to establishing a Youth Assembly in Wales.
  • English: Read Here
  • Wales: Read Here
  • Press Release:

National Assembly for Wales Debate – 19/10/16


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