Assemble for Wales

To decide on the best way forward, the Trustees asked a children’s rights expert to find out what the best youth parliament models are in the UK, Europe and in the rest of the world. The Trustees then examined all of the information contained in the report and had a series of meetings to consider […]

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Statement from the Campaign for the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales Following a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Campaign for the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales (CYPAW) (Draig Ffwnci.Funky Dragon), the Board wishes to announce that the charity will be closing down at the end of June 2018. […]

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Document Library

A full list of all our documents can be found below. Click on each of the links below to read or download the document. Funky Dragon Report: Children as Researchers Why do Peoples ages go up not down? Our Rights Our Story Annual Report 2002 – 2003 Dragons Dialogue Breathing Fire Annual Report 2007 – […]

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Funky Dragon History

Since it began in 2002 Funky Dragon has gone out of its way to listen to and gather the views and opinions of as many young people as possible from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances all across Wales. Funky Dragon ceased operation in 2014 and became the Campaign for the Children and Young […]

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